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First of all only a small subset of greater essences is included; none of the blue ones or apparently raid rift dropped greaters..
We plan to trickle this down to more Torvan and Lycini essences in the future (if the schedule allows), which will use different tiers of greater and lesser essences.
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I've never even seen it, or most of these Greaters. I know they exist but the drop rates are so extraordinarily low.
These will also be dropping in the Stronghold content. We're going to be watching the drop rates and market values and making adjustments so that these are appropriately accessible.
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Questions on functionality: Several of the dps-related greater essences have procs that depend on heals. Will these count for: 1) Self-heals (Blade of Elemental Affinity, Recovery Posture...etc) 2) "Untargeted" heals (Call of Kinship) 3) Other proc heals (The death greater essence that does damage + returns life)
Generally, procs don't proc on procs. I've made the base abilities of the top end Greater Essences work for more callings as part of this, removing legacy concepts like 'proc on melee damage', but there may be some edge cases that I've missed. Feel free to test them and PM if I missed something.
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Charred Flamesource increases Crit Power - has that changed from live because if so - damn thats op!
That's part of the calling accessibility adjustment.
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this is cool as long as you can upgrade em after they've been put in your sigil
Upgrade them before socketing them. They're all brand new. There's also a de-socketer on the new store if you need.
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IIRC they didn't register as a unique family/group, just unique equip (individual).
Correct, you can buy two and convert one to a greater. However, you can't have 2 of the same greater or lesser.
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Beside this, I guess many players would love to see some other greaters.
We'll be adding more combos as time goes by.
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