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I sure do feel betrayed. Just editing to say, least all be doom and gloom, the Dendrome is beautiful. Without a doubt the most beautiful zone I've seen in Rift. I haven't tried the questing but I sure do hope it lives up to it's surrounds.
I'm sorry you feel betrayed. I've made no attempts to deceive you. You will be receiving a stipend of credits based on your total subscription time, past and present. Some will be happy with the amount they get, others undoubtedly won't be. In the interest of full disclosure as well - folks need to understand that when we make this conversion to Free to Play - we must make money to support the game and keep updating it like we plan to do. Are the platinum prices high on some things? Potentially - hence why we've been looking at it and trying to find what is best for the long term health of the game - and for the players. ~Daglar
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