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No, How am I supposed to know that I was becoming a "member" when it said "30 days free" reward??? I'm just supposed to believe that really its not 30 days free and theres a catch??? As for a support phone number, I will call them first thing in the morning; Any kind soul have a # where I can reach them? Jason
As others noted, the free 30 days applies to new accounts only. You can contact Customer Support here and they'll gladly issue you a refund. You can continue to play your low-level characters through RIFT Lite until we make the change over to Free to Play on June 12th. We're also having a Return to Telara weekend (this week) where you can play all of your old characters, regardless of level. If you choose to continue your subscription, you'll receive additional benefits under the new free to play model. Check out the Become a Patron section on the Free Homepage.
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