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It most certainly is - Trion could not provide any reason based on my account settings that i have not been getting newsletters and/or surveys since Beta. I have had to create a new email account and switch the one attached to my Trion account. BS that i can receive customer service email, loyalty summary email, email verification but not a single newsletter or survey?
There are two types of emails: Opt-in emails and service-related emails. Service-related emails are mostly confirmations of business activity you have with Trion and don't have to verify that you've opted-in to receive emails from us. The ones you list all sound like they fall into that bucket.Surveys, newsletters, promotions, special announcements, surveys, and giveaways--those all fall under opt-in. If you don't check the box to sign up for newsletters, you're not opted-in. A few people have the box checked but still aren't receiving emails. If that's you, Customer Service will need to fix that status so you can start receiving emails again.
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