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If they are going to make only 4 you may as well remove the recipes, as they are utterly worthless.4 hours worth of +5/5 stats per 3.75 days worth of dailies... so like .9 days per hour per raid member... Meaning that for a 20 man you would be spending 18 days worth of dailies per hour raided... utter garbage.Even with the patron bonuses you would not be able to raid more than 12 hours a week, and that is if everyone was dumping everything into potions.Which they won't, not when they can make 20 hours worth of powerstone per 3.75 days dailies.
They are not going away. You don't have to use them - some folks will choose to.These items add a new layer to the economy - not everyone raids in RIFT. Not everyone will have an infinite need for dungeon marks. I expect to see these things up for sale on the auction house, just like the old crafting components were in days of yore.~Daglar
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