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Thanks for the feedback, guys. The latest build should have increased stronghold planarite/XP rewards as well as a slight reduction to the flare prices. And Jankorar should now give you more time to find a protective bubble.Before I consider adjusting wave amounts, I'm curious what others think of the difficulty thus far. Just to clarify: level 60 strongholds are balanced for 2 or more players; level 62 strongholds are balanced for 10 or more players. My goal is to keep the waves small yet lethal (as a contrast to the aoe-fests of hunt rifts), but I'll be happy to make adjustments if the intensity isn't high enough.As for adding additional defenses/mechanics, I had some defensive turrets in there in some early revisions but they made the waves a little too easy. I might bring them back, we'll see. Right now the focus is on defensive upgrades that buff players (Lifesprings and Augments).Some changes I'll implement soon:
  • Warning broadcast when the Anchor is near death.
  • Slightly increase the health of the Lifespring/Augment. These seem to be dying a little too fast.
  • I'll investigate some better mechanics messaging, but as has been pointed out, you guys figure things out pretty quick
Oh, and quest rewards are still wip. We'll get infinity stones added to the onslaught dailies.
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