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Faratha, with all due respect, we need a much more detailed response than this. These prices are absolutely outrageous, to the point that it makes no sense at all, even from a testing standpoint. Let's look at an example: A brick tile is priced at 9.6 plat. A regular stone tile sells on the vendor for 3 gold. Unless my math is off that is a 320% increase. Why should one of these new items cost significantly more at all than one of the existing ones? I can see a slight uptick in price, because it's a "fancier" version of an existing building block. But come on. If these prices are indeed a giant mistake (misplaced decimal or what-have-you) then please tell us. Please get the "real" prices up soon, and then tell us when you've done it. Because right now people are logging in to PTS, seeing these outrageous prices, and getting upset.
Prices in flux means that they are subject to change. We are reviewing the pricing on the items. The new items will not be on the same scale as the old items - they will be more expensive than the old items. How much more expensive is what we are currently deliberating over. The old items are not increasing in price - you are not losing access to anything you have previously had. We are expanding the selection of objects dramatically. We are insuring that there is a way in game to earn these items. While many of the new objects are extremely nice, none of them are absolute requirements for you to be a dimensioneer in RIFT. Keep it civil when talking to the devs, and you will get responses. If you scare Faratha away, I will be very angry. ~Daglar
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