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No disrespect to Faratha, but that did not answer the question of exactly what Daglar meant. If you read or listen to what he said, then this "answer" doesn't quite add up.....he didn't say SOME things were multiplied, he said ALL. And again, I want to stress that I mean no disrespect at all to Faratha.....but we need clarification on Daglar's statements made in the livestream.
Daglar did not mean to imply that all currencies are being inflated. He was pointing out that yes, for all the currencies that are being inflated, you will receive the correct amount of currency when you log in.Also - there're two topics being discussed in this thread that I want to take a moment to separate:1) Currency inflation of certain currencies, which is happening across the board2) Patron benefits to coin and tokens earnedFor example, Plat/Gold/Silver is not being inflated. On patch day, you will log in with the same amount of plat you logged out with. This is true for every player.In addition, if you are a Patron, you will start earning 15% more Plat/Gold/Silver than a non-Patron player as a part of your Patron benefits.Hope this helps!
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