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Please look at the mark price or consider giving us a lot more marks via daily, and not requiring us to choose raid mark versus dungeon mark. Cause if all raid members have to choose dungeon marks to supply consumables - we won't be able to get those 7-10 extra raid marks.Thanks for reading,Valfreya
I just asked York to make sure the daily dungeons give both now instead of a choice. If that update doesn't make it live, yell at York on the forums Plenty of folks have been asking for a use for their dungeon tokens - and we've certainly made them relevant again. In addition to that - yes, its 3.33 days repeating worth of tokens for a stack of consumables - however Patrons have access to a 40% boost to these every day + their existing 15% boost to these. That's up to 55% more meaning its not 3.33 days repeating for a patron.We will watch the economy of the new components like we watch everything.~Daglar
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