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I don't quite understand how turning away current existing long term subscribers is pushing the game forward exactly. I would think you would want to try to keep what you have while adding new FTP subscribers to move forward but what do I know. Seems like one step forward, one step back.
I'm not trying to push long term subscribers away at all. I'm giving them the game for free - I'm not sure how making it free for them to experience everything they have experienced in the past is any sort of attempt to drive them away. I'm also going out of my way to make sure that folks that have been playing for a long time are rewarded. I'm trying to do right by the entire community that has existed in RIFT and supported it thus far. I know to quite a few of you that I'm the villain that is taking RIFT free to play, but I'm out here fighting the good fight making sure that things are done well with the player base in mind.If they like it, I know they will help support it. If they don't like it, they will go away - the same choice they have always had based on our performance as developers.~Daglar
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