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Daglar,You talk about speaking with your wallet and I agree with you, which is why we pay our 15/month. It's so that everyone playing the game shares the financial burden the make the game better. It puts money INTO the game. It a comfort of a p2p system knowing there is money being invested into the company/game that allows for dev time. There have been bugs around for MONTHS(not being able to mount after being inside EE...) that have yet to be fixed and this is with a subscription based model! How in the hell is a hybrid f2p model going to generate enough money to be able to combat bugs in the game let alone development and class balancing?
I'm not sure why you associate Free to Play with "no support and no income". Development on RIFT isn't stopping - if we've created a good business model and provide our players with a good value, then we'll have the potential to bring in more income and put more support towards RIFT.~Daglar
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