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When should we be seeing a list of what will be behind a paywall. And the fact that you 'don't plan on' ranks right up there with this game 'not planning on going f2p'. I would just like to read succint, direct speech that doesn't seem weasley or leaves a back door open.
If you think I'm trying to be tricky with my words then you don't know me very well sir or madam. Lets see, whats behind the paywall. Services that were not available previously such as race, sex, and faction change. Additional role slots above and beyond what were available (though also priced in game currency), same to be said for costume slots, and some exclusive costumes. There are plenty of items available for dual currency prices (both in game prices, and credits prices). If you have never played RIFT before, you'll have to unlock some more bag space with credits. ~Daglar
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