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Separate purchases for souls. This is very concerning. The main core of your testing and balancing has been done by players. If all players do not have immediate access to these souls, how are they going to be balanced now as opposed to previously? As well, how will this effect raiding? Is everyone in a raid going to be required to buy souls? I realize that in the long run this would be cheaper compared to $15 a month if you assume a soul is $5-10 and they obviously wouldn't be coming out at a very quick pace. Also, will these souls be required for raids, such as Defiler being necessary or Tactician being necessary? I'm just trying to wrap my ahead around these decisions. And as stated again, I do realize that $5-10 for a soul is cheaper than $15 a month, but by some player psychology they may not be willing to pay for such a thing.
I can't say if they will be required for raiding or not - quite a bit of that comes from how players decide to utilize the souls. The Defiler for example, didn't start out as a "lets force this role on people" idea - most ideas don't. Our focus is making cool, novel, fun stuff for people to use. Another tool for the tool box. I can't say how players will choose to interact with that choice when it comes to it. I would suspect though, that someone that gets a ton of enjoyment out of a game, would be willing to pay a little bit of money in order to further enhance their gameplay. If not, well, enjoy what we've given completely for free ~Daglar
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