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Sorry I seem to be a bit confused and I'm not trolling when I ask this, I just want your opinion if you are allowed to give it. If not, I understand.Where did you draw the line out of curiosity? If I am understanding you correctly, buying gear directly for money is pay to win, but paying money for bonus raid marks you are already earning is not pay to win? Am I correct on this assumption or did I make a mistake somewhere? I agree that raid marks for money isn't AS bad, but in a sense you are still paying for raid gear, just as I said, indirectly.ThanksEdit: Sorry I didn't see your previous response to me, this is moving really fast :-/ I also had a final today which was two and a half hours of not reading.
I drew the line at the best gear in the game, and I drew the line at not selling direct power increasing boosts. I think that's pretty reasonable.You could say that RIFT is currently Pay to Win if you want to go in semantic circles - you have to pay today to get access to the game - therefor you are getting a benefit over non payers. I know thats' total hyperbole - but you see my point I hope.I'm not out there to say "pay us x dollars per month and we make you so much stronger than other users".~Daglar
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