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I hope you are talking WAY more bonuses then just the stuff you listed. Because atm your so called "bonus" list that subscribers get seem lacking when you compare the content you get for your new F2P model with the content (or lack there of) you get paying 15 a month.Are such bonuses nice? sure... but i can say with certainty that i wouldn't pay 15 a month for what you have currently listed as "patron" bonuses. Hell some dont even affect me and i already have a summon-able banker.If your going to expect people to continue to pay subscription models at all, your going to need to offer WAY more incentives available to JUST subscribers. I realize you have to avoid adding so much that it creates balance problems, but additional quality of life bonuses, fluff items such as cooler mounts, and other such rewards are needed. Currently its just not worth the sub when compared to what you get for free.
I've said this in a few places, and I'll say it here too We have to be very careful with what we offer in Patron status. It cannot become a "requirement" to play the game.You guys know, with everything, we listen to feedback and we act on it. Constructive feedback from the community is amazing and it has helped shape this game since the beginning - and will continue to do so.A couple of core goals with Patron status: Don't take real things away from people (Don't give space and take it away). Don't make it required or turn non Patrons into second class citizens.We are looking at more benefits for Patrons, but we need to keep the above in mind.~Daglar
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