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I assume that those of us who already own a summonable bank/mailbox/vendor will not have it taken away? EDIT: Also, the site says that F2P players get 3 bag slots to start with. What happens if I already have 5 bags? (I plan on being a Patron, just curious) I'd like to hope so, but I (and I'm sure you do too) often browse the forums of other MMOs, and while you do get people who will say F2P is good and the future many state defiantly that it is the result of a failed game and they will quit/never join if it becomes that. I truly hope you guys experience the former.
Patron status is separate from what your account has unlocked.As a veteran you won't lose anything. We won't take your bag slots away, that would be terrible! The same goes for your summons that currently exist, the patron summons will be new, with their own cooldowns and we'll offer the ability to summon things you can't currently get access to as well!~Daglar
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