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Gone are the days when f2p=crap game. The model will not mean less updates or less content. If you believe so you are still living in the 90's My major issue is the half and half nature of the model. It looks like they are taking a similar tact as EA did with TOR, and frankly that model is appalling. I do not want to be 'forced' into subbing due to the bonuses, only to then have to pay more on a gambling system of "treasure boxs" for gear to avoid the RNG. Limiting bag and role slots for non sub people is already a worrying trend, but seeing we do not know a lot of information it will be something to keep a close eye on
We don't limit bag space or role slots based on sub or non sub. That would be absolutely terrible! As someone that has ever played RIFT prior to the transition you lose nothing - you have all your bag slots, all your bank slots, everything you have ever had. We won't be taking it away or revoking it. You are a veteran of RIFT and we would not take that away from you. Brand new users that never played RIFT, that never supported the game before, will need to unlock those slots - but you, as a veteran, you have it forever. ~Daglar
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