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Thanks Elrar that explains a little bit. But please address how meaningless the patron bonuses are for those of us who are really active in Rift. Many of us already have multiple maxed or near maxed characters both in gear and faction. What is our draw to stay a patron? I really want to support you guys but honestly the information that you have released so for it would be a pitty donation not a money for value swap.
Part of the point is that a subscription is now going to be optional - we don't ever want you to feel you're required to have one, but we offer a number of incentives that many will find worth it:- Bonus to currency drops- Summon Banker, Guild Banker, and Trainer- +10% Mount Speed Bonus (Persistent)- Daily Reputation Boost- Daily Experience Boost- Daily Token Bonus- Daily Favor & Prestige Bonus- Patron status contributes towards unlocking Veteran rewards (which we'll have a lot more specifics on next week)I know that's kind of a non-answer, but that's because we all need to shift the way we look at what a subscriber (Patron) is Cheers,
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