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Good morning,We have some very big news to announce today - starting June 12, 2013 RIFT will be completely Free-to-Play!All the content, levels, and features. We're making it a bonus, not a requirement to be a subscriber - now you & all of your friends can enjoy everything RIFT has to offer together, with no barrier to entry.There is a lot to go over - but we've made it very easy to learn all the details and we'll continue to explore what this change means for you as subscribers (now known as Patrons) and the future of RIFT in the weeks ahead!No doubt there will be many questions, we're happy to answer as many as we can and have a few events planned to explore the many awesome features and bonuses we have in store.Please take a few minutes to digest the details and then please feel free to come discuss it with us back here - we'll see you soon!News & InfoLetter from Bill "Daglar" Fisher, RIFT Creative Director - Introducing RIFT Free-to-PlayRIFT Free-to-Play Webpage & FAQ - www.riftgame.com/freeQ&A EventsReddit AMA Today, 5/14 @ 10AM Pacific (5PM GMT) - http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmARIFT Free-to-Play Overview + Q&A Friday, 5/17 @ 1:30PM Pacific (8:30PM GMT) - www.twitch.tv/trionworlds
Thanks for being a part of RIFT's epic legacy & success - our commitment to delivering legendary updates and new features will never waiver!
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