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The scariest words written by any developer. "Sorry everybody, we need to take the servers down during prime time to fix the bug where everyone in Meridian smells bad and is wandering around aimlessly dying from PVP combat." j/k
Heh. Luckily, nothing I could do here could affect the Live servers directly anyway, so it would still just enter the patch queue and go through the hands of QA first. That said, the cause does not appear to be so obvious, so I need to be in office anyway to be able to see what Smelly Cat on live finds so interesting that he sits and stares at that wall for hours. ;) Anyway, for those looking for Smelly Cat, he normally is supposed to wander the inner courtyard, nearish the Auctioneer and Bankers. Now I return to sifting through player-submitted in-game bug reports. Because I am weird and sometimes find that an enjoyable weekend activity... >.>
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