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So tell me, what "portion" of the community will become upset from experiencing some constructive, well overdue PvP discussions with our devs? Unless we fear the slave raiders will throw a tantrum because they dont want to share the same mommy.
You are breaking it down further than I am. Some folks reading what I just wrote are more than likely upset. Every time i post a "I have no time frame for that" in any subject - folks pop up with pitchforks and get angry. Every time I post something like that I know I may have just turned folks away from the game.This has nothing to do with "raiders" Vs "pvpers" Vs "casuals" Vs "WhateverRandomLabelFolksUseThisWeek". This has to do with /everyone/. That is the "portion" I'm talking about. An actual subset of the community. No labels needed.~Daglar
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