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Am I the only one who didn't detect the sarcasm in his post though?Nevermind, I don't PvP anyway.
People will read what they want to read. I didn't put any sarcasm into my response to what I responded to here. Folks are completely entitled to read as they want or to get upset at me if they want. My intent is never to disrespect the player base -- my priority, and the priority of the team is keeping folks engaged and having fun -- that tends to be why I get out here on the forums and communicate. Communicating can be quite disappointing at times - some subjects are better left untouched because all they will do is upset a portion of the community.There is no current ETA for another Warfront. There is no need for conspiracy theories that no one plays PvP in RIFT - quite a few folks do. The content of PvP is typically, the PvP itself. New maps are great, and we'd love to provide more when the time is right - but I cannot give you a date and or time when a new Warfront will be delivered.~Daglar
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