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NEW FEATURES:* Added :EventMacroSet() and :EventMacroGet(). These functions will replace the ability to use :EventAttach() and :EventDetach() on macros because, let's be honest here, those were really annoying to use for macros. We'll be going through a super-accelerated deprecation process to remove the old functionality - fix your addons today! UPCOMING BREAKING CHANGES:* Macros will no longer be supported in :EventAttach() and :EventDetach(). Putting the environment in Strict mode will now break that functionality. This will be turned into a compatibility-mode-only feature in a matter of weeks, then removed shortly afterwards.BUGFIXES:* Fix bug in the new event system where event handlers with errors would cause parameters to vanish from later handlers on the same event.DIFF:
UI:	Layout:		Members:			EventMacroGet			EventMacroSet
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