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I would like to report a bug with the new skill "flamme rupture" from the pyro tree. If another mage use flamme rupture when you already have use flamme rupture on a target, the timer of both debuff are reset to 15 sec. This ways it is possible to stack indefinitely the debuff of flamme rupture on a target if you are more than 2 mages. Each new stack of flamme rupture create a new invisible stack of combust, so it's possible to stack indefinitely combust on a target (and near target) which mean a lot a DPS when you start to reach 20+ stack of combust for each mage. So there are 2 ways to fix this bug : stack seperately flamme rupture of different pyro to avoid the reset of the timer by an another mage or calculate the debuff timer separately (and keep the stacking of flamme rupture as currently).
There is a fix on the way for Flame Rupture.
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