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If you completed Freemarch Questline or the silverwood questlines a while back, I do not think this will show up for you.
Ah, yes, this would be correct. I should have made that release note a bit clearer.Specifically, most of the quests that involved killing a single named mob have been converted to Carnage quests. These could have been quests from NPCs (such as being sent out to kill Grazzar) or quests from items that the named mob dropped (such as Rognar or Worgar).That said, I believe there is one that is completely new to kill the elite goblin in the level 7ish area of SW (I didn't do the work on the SW side, so not 100% sure on that one), PLUS there are no longer any faction requirements on these named mob Carnages, so if you really want to track them all down, there ya go. These quests now give the Sourcestone currency for that zone as well as their previous rewards.
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