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However, you said earlier in the topic that harb's weapon shouldn't be purgeable now, they still are. Also, is it intended that Empyrean ascension is purgeable in pvp ? What about the "bug ?" with phase step that don't tp you on invulnerables ennemies such as hunt rift invasions ? Is it intended (imune to both to tp part and dmg part of the skill) ? I'm noticed a bug with combust, not sure how to reproduce it though. In warfront I died and then I wanted to switch spec (black garden so I was at the respawn point). A pyro at ~ 60m was maintaining his stacks of combust on me, even after I died and then were refreshed 4 times so I couldn't switch spec before going down to 75% of my max hp :-/ . Not sure how it happened but it happened.
Double checked on the Harbinger weapon buffs and updated them to no longer be purgeable. Should actually happen this time around. Empyrean Ascension is currently intended to be purgeable though. I'm looking into the Phase Step issue. I'm not sure if I have a good way of solving it or not. The combust issue you're seeing is an issue with Flame Rupture. I've got a fix on the way for it though.
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