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Is it intended that I have to be targeting an enemy to be able to use/cast Split Personality? I recall back in the day, i could target myself to enable it. Or am i missing something?
This is intended at the moment, drabk had it right. There has been some discussion about if they're better with or without the targeting requirement, but for the moment it's intended.
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My alt is level 39 and has 1 point put into boon of life. I am able to get up to 9 stacks of Boon of Life. Is that intended? I always thought 5 was max stacks
Yep as you noticed the stack size goes down as you put more points in Boon of Life.
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Mages lose all their charge when they switch roles. Warriors and Rogue don't lose their attack/combo points. Please fix!
Bleh yeah, I don't know if there's anything I can do about this, but I'll take a look.
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Dunno if this already came up, but: Why do Harbingers Empyrean Ascension temporary abilities not count as slashing attacks? This way they don't trigger Eldritch Armor or dmg procs from blade buffs and they don't gain any benefit from Charged Blade and Piercing Beam resulting in a very clunky priority order during EA phase.
To clear up the confusion, this is intended. The damage on the Empyrean Ascension abilities was set with them not getting the buffs from things like Charged Blade or Piercing Beam in mind. If they were to be changed to be counted as slashing attacks their damage would be reduced so you'd end up doing the same damage. If people would prefer that change over their current state I can look at it, but at the moment I don't have any plans for changing their status.
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I was really hoping the Lucent Slash change would go in yesterday with all the other soul updates and when it didn't I patched PTS to see if it was there and it doesn't seem to be. Is that still coming?
I made the change to Lucent Slash a fairly long time ago. I'll double check when that happened and see what I can find out about it.
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