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Is monsoon only castable from self only? Would be nice if i could target another friendly to cast Monsoon around them, much like Healing communion use to be. Monsoons tooltip does not state a range limitation. Where when I gave this a test, it appears to be 15 meters - from me outward? Either set monsoons range to be huge or denote the coverage range, e.g.; "Applies Healing Flood, Healing Spray, and 4 stacks of Soothing Stream to up to 10 party or raid members around the cleric. 15 meter range. As it stands right now, I would assume that many other clerics are in assumption that this AE healing ability is a 35 meter range from the target that you are casting it on. Not how it currently works at such a small range for 10 people.
It requires no target and comes from the caster. The range is currently 20 meters. We are considering increasing that. I'll make a note to get the range added to the tooltip. ~Daglar
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