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You have to do Instant Adventures to make him spawn.I did the Freemarch ones as it helps out newbies at the same time. After some time you'll get a yule adventure/quest (which is amazingly well made!!). When this is done you'll be right next to the village and the vendors will spawn.
Thank you! The above is on the money - while doing Instant Adventure in the zone, you'll sometimes get sent on a Fae Yule themed adventure arc. The quests will all be centered around the Yule Village and completing the quests builds up the Village. At the conclusion, all the vendors will be there, including the unique Dimensions vendor. Once built up, the Village remains for an hour or until a new group starts a Yule themed quest arc (whichever happens first). If it helps, you can look on your map of Freemarch - if the Village is currently active, it will show a unique Yule icon on the map at the site of the Village.As an aside, the chance to start the Fae Yule IA arc is random, but in my experience it usually pops up every 3 or so quest arcs in FM and SW. The zones that include FY villages are: Freemarch, Silverwood, Scarwood Reach, Pelladane, Cape Jule, and Ashora.
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