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I`ve found a major Warlock bug that affects mostly PvP (since this build is rather useless in PvE).25k Hit in PvP. So I check my logs. I was hit by Haunting Pain, Necrosis and some other warlock dot. To make this kind of build u need 28 in Dom and at least 2 in Necro, rest in Lock. You cannot have ED in this build. I made the build, checked on dummy and found a source of the insane dmg.Haunting Pain stacks count as a separate Dots when calculating dmg from Conflux. I`m pretty sure this is not intended and should be fixed ASAP. Ppl abusing this mechanic can one-shot ppl.Extra stacks of HP won`t affect VB dmg so it`s useless in PvP.
A fix is on the way. The entire stack of Haunting Pain will be interpreted by Conflux as a single DoT for its damage calculations.Its looking like the healing boost is going to be sticking around for the holidays. We're wanting to make sure when the fix goes in we don't mess anything else up along with it and that healing goes back to its intended spot. Honestly there just hasn't been time to get all that taken care of before the update would have to go out, so enjoy the OP healing, but try not to get too used to it.
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