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I wonder if maybe the data was lost or corrupted by the update or by the original shutting off of CQ. If it wasnt possible to recover the points information then they would have no choice but to push it out onto the EU servers too.
No data was lost or corrupted. The issue is in how the core structure of conquest decay functions at a code level. It was not something that we were able to catch until it was far to late. At a core level the game logs the last time you are awarded CQ power. Whenever it checks for decay it compares that time to the amount of time elapsed and applies the decay value. No one has gained CQ power since 2.0 has launched. When people log in their CQ power is set to zero - because over a month has elapsed. There was no fix that we could have applied to EU prior to launching 2.1 in the EU. It is an extremely unfortunate situation and we are not pleased with how it happened. We were able to apply a new bonus for joining conquest for the first time on the live severs. ~Daglar
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