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You cannot deny that *our* pvp forum is the most active...yet we get the least amount of response. Hopefully you have at least skimmed through our concerns, aggravations, etc...and can resolve some of these issues.
It's extremely hard to engage in conversation in the PvP forum even if it is a very active place. When a high percentage of threads do one of the following it does not make sense for a developer to enter the discussion: 1. People asserting that developer X, Y, and Z are stupid and should be removed from their positions. 2. People asking for class X to be nerfed. 3. People asking for class Y to be buffed. 4. People asking for major features to be removed because it does not fit their personal play style. 5. People asking for features that cannot or will not be delivered on in any timely fashion. 6. People attacking one another and general forum PvP. 7. People asserting that their form of PvP is the only valid form of PvP. Responding to the above subjects are lose-lose propositions for developers. These forums are read, actions are taken based on these forums and based on in game feedback, and various other forms of feedback. Regarding the trinket: It is working as intended. The old CQ trinket was a reward for the previous season of CQ. We will be retiring out certain items going forward. There is an alternate available via Karthan Ridge - which we have already made changes that are live to help address its oddities with queue popping - we'll be watching the metrics and seeing if the queue was positively impacted by the changes that went live today. ~Daglar
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