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And yet, despite these concerns....rogues got buffed. Why? And I ask, once again- do any of you developers regularly pvp? And if so, where can we see regularly posted footage of said pvp? I'm not trolling, I'm genuinely curious. Because I strongly feel that none of you do regularly pvp. At all. We all LOVE this game. It could be something really awesome. Please don't disregard our pvp concerns, because your *focus* is on pve. I know that there's a lot of pvp people in this game that will leave if this situation continues.
Yes, despite those concerns, rogues got buffed in melee at the same time as other melee classes. The why I'll give is honest: Had rogues not been buffed in melee at the same time as other melee classes it we would have created a similar or greater number of complaints and concerns wondering why rogues were not buffed in melee if warriors, clerics, and mages were and how unfair it is. And it would have been unfair not to buff them as well. Do developers here PvP? Yes, they do. People here play all aspects of the game. There is a 0% chance that you are going to see footage of it. I learned a long time ago in game development that your player base is going to be better than you are at the game you make. There are some crazy talented players out there that are super passionate about the slice of the game they play. Our focus is on making Rift the best game it can be - all of it. I have posted that we have people looking at the situation and will be addressing the issues as quickly as is reasonably possible. I'm unsure of any additional response that I can give at this moment in time that will be satisfactory. ~Daglar
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