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2.1 live changelog:NEW FEATURES:* Added Inspect.Pvp.* and Event.Pvp.*, intended for checking PVP stats and progress (notably Prestige).* Added Inspect.Experience and Event.Experience.*, intended for checking the player's experience.* Added Inspect.Attunement.Progress() and Event.Attunement.Progress.*, intended for checking the player's attunement progress. This is not yet the complete attunement API.* Added resistAll stat in Inspect.Item.Detail().* Added Inspect.Unit.Detail().mentoring and Event.Unit.Detail.Mentoring.BREAKING CHANGES:* Compatibility Mode has been removed. Functionality that worked only through Compatibility Mode has also been removed. See http://forums.riftgame.com/rift-gene...ml#post3964696 for information on how to fix nonworking addons.SORT OF BREAKING CHANGES:* As focus is no longer an item or player stat, those references to it have been removed.UPCOMING BREAKING CHANGES:* Inspect.TEMPORARY.Experience() and Event.TEMPORARY.Experience are now actually deprecated and will be removed in the future.BUGFIXES:* Added support for the "critPower" stat.* NaN is no longer a valid parameter to :SetPoint().* Fresh RiftTextfield objects no longer require an explicit :SetText() call to initialize properly.* Changing HTML textfield contents will no longer require a trip through non-HTML text in order to avoid unreadable boxes.* Fix serialization issues in certain borderline cases.* Fix performance problem with the first Inspect.Buff.Detail() call.DIFF:
Basic globals:	print_raw (removed) Inspectors:	Inspect.Attunement.Progress	Inspect.Experience	Inspect.Pvp.History	Inspect.Pvp.Prestige Events:	Event.Attunement.Progress.Accumulated	Event.Attunement.Progress.Available	Event.Attunement.Progress.Rested	Event.Attunement.Progress.Spent	Event.Experience.Accumulated	Event.Experience.Rested	Event.Pvp.History.Favor	Event.Pvp.History.Kill.Today	Event.Pvp.Prestige.Accumulated	Event.Pvp.Prestige.Rank	Event.Unit.Detail.Mentoring
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