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Just wanted to give an update:
  • We've fixed the issues with Greatfather Frost's Statue.
  • We fixed the issues with the dailies and mentoring.
  • Bumped up the amount of unique snowflakes given per IA completed to 8-ish. This means you should get about 56 per cycle, more if you get the onslaught rare. You also have a good chance to get Jingling Bells which will give you more currency. I'm also going to add some as drops off the mobs and bosses but that will be in the first hotfix. We'll also be watching the Unique Snowflake acquire rate on LIVE, if we need to bump it up again we will. This event will run for awhile so please don't feel like you need to grind out every last snowflake in 2 weeks.
  • Added unique snowflakes as a drop to Storm Legion invasions and rifts. Rifts also have a chance to drop the Jingling Bell.
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