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Soo, what about the issue with an 8-point builder DoT (Flamespear) ticking for more damage then a 58-point finisher DoT (Electricity Cascade)? It just looks odd. Especially since both are 15s durations. I mean i get EC provides a 9% dmg buff for 2 channeled abilities that are on a 30s cooldown. Is that supposed to "balance" the damage between the 2 (FS vs EC)? I apologize in advance for not understanding the internal intricacies of calculating the damage equivalents.
There are two issues at play here. First, Flamespear deals damage every 3 seconds, Electricity Cascade deals damage every second so it's damage will in general be 1/3rd of Flamespear anyway. But also some of this is also part of the bug whose fix killed damage. So for 2.1 you will have oddities like Fiery Burst dealing 14k per tick. Then when we get that fix implemented and the souls rebalanced to their target goals we will likely push that up to PTS for testing. Unfortunately you will have to deal with either 1) Oddities like this, or 2) 30% lower DPS. I kind of figured you guys would rather deal with the first one.
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