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Every few months we have new events ( pve ONLY events) with new mounts / costumes / useful gear etc. Why we dont have parallel events for pvp Trion ? Why is so hard to implement events for pvp just like the pve have , with different stages , new pvp ranks/gear/costumes/mounts and so on... why and how it is so hard to implement ?!
Carnival of the Ascended was about 50% PVP oriented. So much so that whole phases were based entirely around PVP. There have also been several other World Events with PVP elements. In fact since Carnival (March of last year) we've included PVP portions in 80% of all World Events. World Events are for mass consumption. We want everyone to participate in them, not just the top tier raiders, or the rank 543262346234 PVP gurus. We try to hit every group of people as often as we can, crafters, raiders, pvpers, casuals. (New Alt mode warfronts, crafting dailys/qests/recipies, IAs, daily quests, epic quests, all of these have been in World Events in recent times)
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