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If you are still here, is there a reason why Shaman and assumedly druid bubbles are not affected by bubble mods the healing souls?
I just tried the following test with both Shield of Oak and Glacial Shield: 1. Spend just enough points for the shield in their respective soul 2. Check the value 3. Spend 5 points in Boundless (+damage done%) in Warden 4. Check the value 5. Respec, spend the same points in Druid/Shaman, then the same 5 points in Strength of the Deep (+healing/absorption done%) in Warden 6. Check the value Each time the value was higher than previously, showing that both the gift and the direct branch increases are working, at least internally. I tried the same with Sentinel and got similar results. Are you saying that that same test shows the same values each time when you do it?
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