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The Word of Life trait doesn't seem to be working properly (unless I'm wrong and 0 sec Global Cooldown isn't the same as No Global Cooldown)I get a proc which shows Healing Breath as a reactive skill, but it doesn't work as an OGCD skill. It does reduce the mana cost, but is still bound to the GCD unlike true OGCD skills like Mark by the Light. Seeing as Healing Breath is already an instant cast, lowering its cooldown seems like it should take it off the global, unless I'm reading the skill wrong and it's supposed to reset the cooldown on healing breath. If that is the case, then that too isn't working right.
The tricky thing about Word of Life is that it makes Healing Breath not trigger a GCD, but you still can't cast it if another GCD is already in progress. Therefore, you have to wait for the GCD to end, then you can cast Healing Breath and immediately cast something else.And no, Sentinels are not just meant for 5-mans. Their AE healing is what's primarily meant for 5-mans. Poor Sentinels. They get no respect.
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