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Concerning the preset roles for cleric tank(Seraphic Guard):The preset use 51just/9sha/6Inq. In the Inq. soul it sets 5 points in Castigation(-25% cast time doe BoD/BoR) and 1 point in Corporal Punishment(+1% dmg done)I think it would be better to use the 6 points in Inquisitor soul on 5p Planat Study(+10% Spell power = more dmg/heal = more aggro etc.) and 1p in Armor of Treachery(+3% armour and Endurance)Btw. I have already made a ingame feedback-report, but wasen't sure if I should drop a note here also, so did i, just to be sure ;-)EDIT:Actually, there are a few points in the Justicar soul I also would put different..... I'll give feedback on that later
That got screwed up when I added Pursuit of Truth. Fixed it. Should go up sometime soon.
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