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Hey guys, I just wanted to stop by and address some of the concerns being brought up here.
  • First of all, you are absolutely right, we dropped the numbers on a lot of the tanking abilities. This was done across the board to Warriors, Clerics, and Rogues. The reason we did this was to fix scaling issues we were seeing with tanks and mitigation.
  • Second, and this is important so I am going to highlight it. We adjusted mob damage output in line with these mitigation changes so you tanks should be capable of tanking the same things you already do, your ability to consume content should remain unchanged.
  • And third, we implemented changes to tank DPS across the board on Warriors. In many cases you should see an increase of almost three times the damage you had before. This should address threat generation issues as well as synergy with other souls and general non tanking usefulness.
  • And fourth, the Warlord is no longer a tanking soul. He can be used to add some utility to tanks and can offtank in an emergency situation but is by no means a tanking soul.
Thank you all and keep up the great feedback.
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