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Lynesth, let's try something else to see if it gives us more information about exactly what's going on. I apologize for the complexity of the steps below, but it's the only way I've found to accomplish this.Basically, what we're trying to do is downloading the patch_core_0.pak file twice: once via the RIFT patcher, and once via another method. Then compare the contents and see if they match.These are the steps to follow:1. Open a Command Prompt window (Start->Run, then type cmd.exe and Enter).2. Run the following command to deny delete permissions to the download folder. This will prevent the patcher from deleting the downloaded PAK file even after it fails verification:
icacls "E:\Jeux\RIFT Game\RIFT Game\Download\STABLE-110-19-A-709958" /deny Users:(OI)(CI)(DE,DC)
Make sure that the command says "Successfully processed 1 files".3. Run the RIFT patcher and start patching. Wait for the patcher to stop with an error.4. Close the patcher and open the E:\Jeux\RIFT Game\RIFT Game\Download\STABLE-110-19-A-709958 folder. You should see a patch_core_0.pak file there.5. Restore the original download folder permissions before proceeding:
icacls "E:\Jeux\RIFT Game\RIFT Game\Download\STABLE-110-19-A-709958" /reset
6. Now download this small tool to calculate hashes: http://sourceforge.net/projects/md5d...2.zip/download7. Extract the file called sha1deep.exe from that ZIP file and put it somewhere on your hard disk.8. Hash the PAK file by running the following command:
c:\path\to\sha1deep.exe "E:\Jeux\RIFT Game\RIFT Game\Download\STABLE-110-19-A-709958\patch_core_0.pak"
9. The output should look exactly like this:
4ef7c6e70b0bab8279b48874ee7b0a0f0619e327  E:\Jeux\RIFT Game\RIFT Game\Download\STABLE-110-19-A-709958\patch_core_0.pak
Let me know if the hash value looks any different.10. Now let's try downloading the file using the cURL tool. Download the following file: http://curl.haxx.se/gknw.net/7.27.0/...ic-bin-w32.zip.11. Extract the curl.exe file from that ZIP file and put it somewhere on your hard disk.12. To download the file via curl you'll need to provide it a download cookie. You can find the cookie by opening the riftpatch.0.log file from your installation directory and looking for a line where it says:
Downloading '...' (using cookie triongamesauth=...)
13. Now open Notepad, copy the entire contents of the cookie from the log (the part highlighted in red, without the final parenthesis) and paste them into the new text file as a single line like this:
Set-Cookie: triongamesauth=...
14. Save that file with the name cookie.txt somewhere on your hard drive.15. Now download the PAK file using curl and passing the cookie your saved:
curl -b c:\path\to\cookie.txt http://update2.triongames.com/ch1-live-streaming-client-patch/restricted/patchlive04/assets/patch/patch_core_0.pak?sha1=4EF7C6E70B0BAB8279B48874EE7B0A0F0619E327 > patch_core_0_curl.pak
16. Finally hash this newly downloaded file:
c:\path\to\sha1deep.exe patch_core_0_curl.pak
17. The output should be exactly like this. Is it any different than this or different than the one above?
4ef7c6e70b0bab8279b48874ee7b0a0f0619e327  patch_core_0_curl.pak
Please let me know if you have trouble running these steps.
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