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So I was farming mobs as a cabicar -silly contest with a guildmate- when I realised than about once every hour, I got a sharp drop in healing and shielding essences procs. I died 2 times because of it, and usually everything was back to normal after the res, but this time it lasted a little longer so I had time to see what was happening : Tyranny was indeed damaging the mobs, but they took no additionnal damage from decay.I will not log out and back in, hopefully it will fix the problem for me. Here is a screenshot:Do any of you have this problem ?I will also submit an in-game ticket.
It will be fixed in 1.11. It looks like the passive was still set up with an hour long duration. If you just swap roles to something else and back again or log out and back in it will come back. Not exactly optimal, but will get you through the problem for the moment.
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