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Ok, a bunch of Monday morning answers!
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If you don't mind, some clarification would be cool. Do you mean that we will automatically be mentored for non random IA's, that we will be able to join low level IA in a non mentored fashion, or both?
The first. You will see a list of IAs you can join, select from any of them, and upon joining the raid, you will be auto-mentored. You will still not be allowed to be in an IA group and not be in the appropriate level range for the content.
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I haven't seen an IA group bigger than 7 people in the past few weeks... I really miss the big groups of people stomping everything One more thing in 1.11 to forward to, though!
The changes we made were to try and combat the fracturing of IA player base that we anticipated with adding all of the new bands of content. The net result was not satisfactory. I am not sure if these changes will solve that (though I am pretty sure some of them will help), but at least this hopefully empowers players to group themselves up more.
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I wonder how long the "kicked" person has to suffer in a new IA. How long does it remember that you've been kicked? Does it stay for a day, until that person logs out, forever?
15 minutes, and yes each IA group has its own ID, so players are not blocked from IA, just from that group.That said, we are going to roll out some changes here too. We are going to remove vote-kicking players from IA. The feature is being used in many ways that were not intended and create a poor experience for other players.-- There is already a culling system that removes players that are not actively participating. It might be too lenient, and if so, we can look at making it more aggressive in the future.-- For players that go offline, we will remove them from the party immediately - with the other changes, rejoining a group is easy and there is no penalty so it should be an easy matter for a disconnected player that reconnects to rejoin immediately.-- There is no ETA for the votekick change yet, but I am trying to get it fast tracked. It is not likely to be done in time for 1.11, but hopefully for 2.0.
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Anyway you can in addition make the awards from IAs ramp up the longer you are in one? This might bring more longevity. Like every sequence ending you stay through, like an IA boss, you get a stack that increases IA rewards (EXP, loot, inscribed etc) by X%? up to Xstacks? until you leave that zones IAs. Anyway this is something I think would really help ramp up the longevity of some IA groups.Another idea is to incorportate them more with the game, like including them in world event objectives, and guild objectives.
That first idea isn't a bad one. No promises, but I'll add it to our internal discussions. Not likely anytime soon though.On your last question, not sure how much integration has been done for world events yet, but I know we have taken some steps - the next world event even includes some IA in the capital cities. Beyond that, I know some ideas have been discussed, but while I sit next to all the people doing world events, and I don't directly work on most of them myself.And as far as guild quest IA objectives, I think that is coming with the expansion...
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