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The Dominator spell Thunder Blast, although is categorized as a knockback control spell , does not trigger the Quick Thinking passive.Please fix this bug.
I'll get this fixed up.
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Would it be practical to allow air/water pets to benefit from dmg increases such as in sc? Atm since pet dmg in the soul is struggling (and the soul in general) I thought it may be something to review if other more significant changes aren't in mind for the class, as pet classes usually have their non pet damage adjusted down already for having these pets (and the pet damage req. higher point investments) it might be an unnecessary block to its synergy to prevent the pet from getting buffs its main rotation would.edit: I know this is more of a suggestion than a bug, but I thought it might be sorta relevant since buff tooltips seem ambiguous as to whether the pet is excluded from them.
So, the good news is the pet souls and pets are being looked at. The bad news is I don't have any info to give you on when any changes would be available.
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So there is currently a bug with the way Opportunity is being consumed with Icicle assuming the player has 3/3 into Storm Shard.Essentially the bug has 2 parts- If you have an opportunity proc at the same time you have a Storm Shard proc (Making Icicle instant), the Opportunity is still consumed. To my belief, since Icicle is now instant from Storm Shard, the Opportunity proc shouldn't be consumed.Additionally, if you have a Storm Shard proc but not an Opportunity proc, the Icicle is being made instant properly. However, if the Icicle which is being cast was to generate an Opportunity (it shows up on the screen scrolling that Opportunity was gained, but not the buff bar), the Opportunity is instantly consumed and it acts as if it wasn't even generated.!
The first issue you mention is intended. The second issue shouldn't be happening though. I'll take a look at it and see what I can find.
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