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I believe Riftwalk, Ruthless Pursuit and Wild Abandon all remove both portions of stormshackle(unsure of wild abandon, I usually just deny myself).
Thanks, I was able to verify what was happening after checking these abilities. I'll update Storm Shackle so they won't remove the damage portion of the ability. After checking into the issue of Void Shroud not reducing healing form Fell Blades, it sounds like this is intentional. The more confusing and in depth answer is that Fell Blades is siphoning healing from whoever its on to whoever put Fell Blades on that target. So in essence to reduce healing the Rogue gets from Fell Blades you'd have to debuff healing for the target of their Fell Blades debuff. (This isn't really possible though since other healing debuffs and Fell Blades don't stack together)
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