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"Expected" in this case, would be support with 51 points in archon and heal with 51 points in chloro, correct?
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i dont know if this is a typo or bug but on the patch notes is says that empowered darkness is now 70% increase damage but on live its only 50 %
Sorry about the confusion on this. This was a typo in the patch notes.
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Another thing I noticed, Withering Vines kept its 15 charge gained per cast. Most instant casts only give you 9. Although I'd like it to keep it's 15 charge it would make sense to bring it to be more in line with DoTs charge gained.
Thanks for pointing this out. It will likely change, but I'm not going to rush to get it into a hotfix or anything.
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It appears that abilities which remove movement impairing effects remove both the movement reduction part of Storm Shackle and the damage component of Storm Shackle. This does not make sense to me as players immune to CC still are impacted by the damage component of Storm Shackle.
Do you know if this was happening with all abilities that remove movement debuffs or was it against a specific calling? Looking at Storm Shackle I could see a possibility for this happening, but abilities like Break Free appear to be setup to avoid that possibility. I still need to give it a test on a server though so we'll see what happens there.
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There are reports about that Void Shroud is not properly affecting heals from Fell Blades.
This could be possible. The healing siphon from Fell Blades is setup differently than most heals, which may cause it to skip the healing reductions. I'll look into it and see what answers I can get.Thanks everyone for the updates on the channel bars. I'll give these examples a shot and see if I can get it to show up for me.
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