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example data for me and 1 guildie: Deathnaught_1,Myfriend_2;1_113_900_0,1_114_900_80, 2_113_900_100,2_114_900_0 In the example: Deathnaught_1,Myfriend_2 = index of players 1_113_900_0 = player index, date code (days since 1-1-2-12), EP, GP This chunk is for two people, on two raids. On experiment with some randomized values I got ~0.9k/person for 70 days (10 weeks) and doesnt compress very well at all.
I think the best answer I have is that storing all the history data serverside may not work well. You can store that on the client, and do clever things to sync up when several people are online, but you probably want to keep the serverside data as stripped-down as possible.
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