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Zorba said it was just a list of categories. I just assumed it was an iteration through a bit field or something checking for which ones are present, thus the stable order.
I'll clear this up a bit In terms of what the API guarantees, it's a list of categories. In terms of its actual current behavior, it is a hierarchy - in fact, it's the exact same data used to place things in the Auction House.There's definitely a possibility that some items aren't being flagged properly, either in the AH, by the bag search interface, or thanks to a bug in the addon code. I'll check this out. There are also lots of weird ways items can theoretically end up without the appropriate AH flags. If so, then the item category may be augmented by a bunch of extra categories, which would be effectively iterating through a bitfield and exposing it.(actually that's a blatant lie it's far more complicated, but that's a good analogy)
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