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TL;DR1. Due to a LuaJIT limitation, when you try to deserialize a tree structure serialized through Utility.Serialize.* which had more than 65536 nested tables, it fails silently, returning a nil value, and, in fact,truncating the variable.2. If SavedVariables is using a serializer similar to our Utility.Serialize.* calls, that would explain SavedVariables being truncated sometimes for no apparent reason.
Yep, I bet that's exactly what's happening. We'll get on that!SavedVariables is actually using the same exact serializer as Utility.Serialize.Full(). The solution is going to be rigging up Utility.Serialize.Full() so it splits apart lines with more than 64k inline tables. This will simultaneously fix the SavedVariables limit (which I didn't realize existed until now) and the limit with the Serialize API.Thanks for the info Be warned, this may take a week or so to flush through, maybe a little longer if it turns out to be a difficult fix.
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